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Sep 10. 2014The Not So Mythical Village of Chelm
Steven Brock
Oct 22. 2014An Ordinary Hero: Story of David Goldberg, WWII Canadian Spitfire Pilot
David New
Oct 25. 2014International Jewish Genealogy Month
October 25th to November 22nd, 2014
Nov 19. 2014AGM + “The History and Culture of the Jews of Australia”
Rabbi Jordan Cohen
Dec 7. 2014From Galicia To Barbados, Guatemala, Montreal And Toronto - A Genealogist’s Journey
Dr. Simon Kreindler
Jan 14. 2015Searching for David Nowakowsky
Ron Graner
Feb 11. 2015Uncovering the 1912 Beth Jacob Torah Donation
Maureen Price
Mar 18. 2015Genealogy through DNA: For Me or Not for Me?
Hazel Boon
Apr 29. 2015The Wandering Borders of Europe
Ralph Bloch
May 20. 2015Family Mysteries and Public Histories
Dr. Kevin James
Jun 10. 2015Researching Canadian First World War Records Using Online and Traditional Resources
Rick Roberts